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We believe that every Christian person at Holy Trinity is a Minister and invite you to participate in the ongoing life of our church. Our purpose statements are listed below. Some of our opportunities for ministry are listed opposite.



The Rev. Greg Frazer (on leave)

Priest in Charge: Rev’d Canon Albert Snelgrove


Choir Director

Iris Frazer (on leave)



Holy Trinity Anglican Church is a church where people are warmly greeted and welcomed. We are a Church where we celebrate worship through preaching the word of God, music and prayer. We are a Church that provides a variety of services to meet the needs of our growing congregation. We seek to be a Church of Love, Hope and Light.



Each Christian person at Holy Trinity Anglican Church is a Minister. We server one another in the love of Christ, both spiritually and practically through prayer, support, encouragement, comfort and love.



Holy Trinity Anglican Church members believe that evangelism is based on personal relationships. We look for opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in faithful and loving ways and openly invite all to participate.



Holy Trinity Anglican Church anticipates active participation in church activities to develop a warm and meaningful fellowship.



Holy Trinity Anglican Church encourages life long learning in a variety of ways to continuously mature our faith.


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To contact us:


Bishop Claude Miller is acting Rector and will be available in the church office on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 9-12. You can also reach via phone at 461-7684


Church Phone: 506.453.1319