A Letter to Members of Holy Trinity Anglican Church Concerning Our Every Member Visitation – June 2017


 Under a special initiative of Vestry, you and your family - like all congregation members - are invited to open your home to a Parish visitor who will:

  • i) seek your input on the current state of our church, where we are today and options for growing our church and our faith into the future;
  • ii) inform you of several initiatives and programs and encourage your participation;
  • iii) share information for your consideration with respect to church stewardship and the needs of a sustainable parish;


 You will soon be contacted by one of our visitors with the intention of setting up a 30-45 minute appointment at a time, which is convenient for you in the coming month. We sincerely hope you will open your home and your heart to the visitor who calls. The information we pass on to you and receive from you is very important to all of us.


 A special committee has been established to organize this visitation and to gather feedback. Once complete, the committee will look at the results and recommend a course of action to Vestry. The committee will also report on the results of the visitation to the congregation.


We are in a challenging time in the life of our church. It is also, however, an opportunity for optimism and celebration. As a parish, we will celebrate our thirtieth anniversary on September 24, 2017. This anniversary invites us to reflect on our story, to reflect on who we are as a parish and why we chose to come together in this place. We celebrate opportunities for praise and fellowship with parishioners of various ages and interests, including our choir, men’s group, parish dinners, Sunday school and Vestry, as detailed in our annual report which can be found at www.htacnm.ca. These activities support and are supported by all members of the parish.


 How do we move forward together supported by and supporting Holy Trinity Anglican Church? What is your story?


In Christ’s Service,


Bishop Claude Miller

Robert Penney


To contact us:  Rev’d Canon Albert Snelgrove is our new Priest in charge and will be available in the church office on Tuesday and Thursday’s from 9-12.   Church Phone: 506-453-1319  Church Email: holytrinity@htacnm.ca  Website: steve@nicollfamily.ca