Dear Friends,


It is a wonderful blessing to be a part of the Parish family of New Maryland. I have been with you only five Sundays. I thank you all for your warm welcome. I am looking forward to sharing the beauty, joy and peace of the blessed season of Advent/Christmas with you.


One of my favorite scripture verses of Advent/Christmas is this: the people who have walked in darkness, have seen great light.


There is no shortage of dark places in this world. We can often feel that we are just groping along, trying to find our way in a cold, dark and frightening world.


The prophet Isaiah announces that into this darkness shines a great light, proclaiming hope, revealing truth, showing the way to a full and meaningful life.


Jesus said, I am the light of the world. The baby in the manger, is the light to brighten our lives and show us how to live.


I look forward to joining with you in the worship of Christ Child. Please join us, invite your neighbors, family and friends, that we may welcome the tiny child with faith and adoration.


Your Parish Priest,


Canon Albert Snelgrove







To contact us:  Rev’d Canon Albert Snelgrove is our new Priest in charge and will be available in the church office on Tuesday and Thursday’s from 9-12.   Church Phone: 506-453-1319  Church Email:  Website: